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Edward M. Labanara, Jr., Founder and Principal
Registered Investment Advisor

Founded in 1994, Seattle Asset Management specializes in wealth management and dedicated portfolio solutions for affluent individuals, trusts, endowments, foundations and family offices. We are first and foremost wealth preservers. We protect assets by selecting timely investments across all asset classes while balancing risk to achieve our client’s investment goals. We use tactical asset allocation and superior investment selection as our primary tools.

Our goal is not to beat benchmark index returns by a few basis points, but rather to achieve superior returns during all market cycles and across all asset classes. Market cycles vary and portfolios need to respond. Our investment parameters allow us to adapt quickly when it is advantageous to do so.

We believe in time tested investment disciplines. We recognize the need for creativity and imagination in a rapidly changing world and are open to new ideas and concepts. We also believe that “the old way “ that allowed flexibility among asset classes versus the consultant driven narrow style boxes of today is still relevant. The two equity bear markets in the past decade highlight the importance of a disciplined capital preservation approach. This means maintaining a cash component, available for opportunistic purchases. Importantly we shift the mix between equities and fixed income when the economic or market environment changes.

Our equity strategy invests across the market capitalization spectrum with the goal of creating high conviction portfolios that exceed the market averages. Our fixed income strategy employs a multi-sector and flexible duration approach that seeks to invest in securities offering the highest risk adjusted yield and expected total return.

Our flexible balanced strategy combines our equity and fixed income strategies using a flexible allocation approach. The strategy seeks to capitalize on the growth attributes of equities and the capital preservation qualities of bonds.

We offer clients the ability to hold individual securities and are able to customize the portfolio based on specific circumstances that may include legacy positions, tax loss advantages, income requirements etc.

We maintain high ethical standards. Integrity and honesty are our guiding principles.

We safeguard your personal, non-public information we obtain to provide services to you. Our focus on your privacy is documented in our Privacy Disclosure which we provide to you initially when we enter into a contractual arrangement, and each calendar year thereafter. If you have questions concerning privacy or confidentiality please ask us to address those concerns.

Understanding your current and future needs is important to us. To that end, we incorporate generational aspects into your portfolio based on your needs.

We are accessible and accountable to you. We are a fiduciary: this means we place your interests ahead of ours (as a firm and as individuals). Your success and ours are directly aligned.

In summary, Seattle Asset Management specializes in wealth preservation. We focus on the identification and implementation of the very best investment choices for you. Our historical returns demonstrate that for over 20 years we have delivered a superior product.